Protect Your Property From Hazardous Trees

Protect Your Property From Hazardous Trees

Get licensed tree removal services in Frederick, Columbia, Germantown, Monrovia, MD or surrounding areas

If you need licensed tree removal services, contact the experts. The Best Friends Landscaping LLC will remove dangerous trees from your property in the Frederick, Columbia, Monrovia & Germantown, MD areas. We'll use cranes and bucket trucks as necessary to cut down your dead or diseased tree. We can also haul away the trunk and branches and clear away brush or leaves. Our service includes obtaining the permits needed to bring down a tree on your property.

Schedule licensed tree removal services by contacting us today.

Signs you need emergency tree removal services

You should arrange for emergency tree removal services if:

  • A tree is leaning over your home or garage
  • A tree was damaged during a storm and looks ready to fall
  • A tree is dead, diseased or infested with pests and needs

When you need emergency tree removal services, call us at 301-335-7724 ASAP. We also offer storm cleanup services.

Why should you choose our tree removal company?

When you have troublesome trees on your property, don't look any further than The Best Friends Landscaping LLC in Frederick, Columbia, Germantown or Monrovia, MD or the surrounding areas. Our tree removal experts...

  • Cut trees into sections to make sure we remove them safely
  • Can use a crane when necessary for safe removal
  • Will fell entire trees at once when possible

For some small trees, cutting the entire tree down at once is both safe and practical, making it easy to remove trees quickly. For more information on our tree removal services, please speak to our owner today.